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Norgeskaukatt Magnus, a 5 month old Norwegian Forest cat living in Italy and enjoying his walks on a Harness. Click on the photo to watch his video.

Thank you James and Sinead for the use of your video - he looks fabulous and very confident.


  Why use a Cat Harness?

Cats love going for walks!

SAFETY:An important issue for cats and their owners. Most owners now keep their cats as indoor pets and rightly so, especially these days  due to animals being stolen as well as  becoming lost.  The potential risk of contracting incurable diseases as a result of cat fights too!  A harness and lead will give your feline companion the best of both worlds with their safety and welfare uppermost.   OVERWEIGHT: Indoor or overfed cats are in much need of exercise. Harness and leads, especially longer leads are ideal for allowing fun  outdoors with plenty of lead length to be able to run around and chase things. Over-weight cats very much benefit from Harness walking  form of exercise providing it is regularly undertaken.

Circumstances requiring extra handling.


VET VISITS:  A time where a little extra handling is required especially if the consultation is lengthy.. A cat harness and short handling lead is very good for this purpose.   CAT SHOWS: Also  a time where extra handling is required at "vetting in". A lead and harness that is crystal decorated can look lovely at the shows, especially one that match the coat or eye colour.


The leathers  I use come in several colours.   The  best leather  is a natural  vegetable tanned "Kip" leather. Kip leather is the skin from the bovine species (cows),  is extremely soft  and strong,  used by the best small leather goods manufacturers and Falconers.   Being naturally veg  tanned there is no nasty chemicals involved. Cats being fastidious always lick their coats and many shop bought harnesses are dyed with cheap dyes that cause colour bleeds onto the coats ( not nice on a white or cream cat), and also nasty plastic types that are full of toxic chemicals.

These harnesses should last a lifetime with proper care - see our guarantee on  About Us.

 Please note that the Kip leather harnesses are not lacquered in any way and can  stain if in contact with grease or other dyes..


An example of our standard "Kip"  leather harness and lead.  Colour may vary from a dark cream to a light tan  due to the vegetable tanning process. Cat Harness & Lead, Kip Leather

We offer  option of having the shoulder strap and or lead  decorated with Genuine Swarovski Crystal elements in Gold or Silver plated cup chain. I also have 925 Sterling Silver chain and price is on request.

They can also be personalised with names, Runes are also not a problem (for the Viking in you :-)

I can make any size you require, from young kittens through to overweight cats. Double riveted for extra strength for the larger breeds such as the Norwegian Forest and Maine Coons breeds.

I also make harness/collar and leads for small animals including Rabbits, Ferrets and small dog breeds ("toy") on request.



Harness and lead made for Artem Ltd for filming Jonas (Maine Coon) in the  O2 Christmas campaign 2014.

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