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I have been making Harnesses and lead sets now for 16 years. These are now  accessible globally.

In 2014 I was very please to make the harness for the O2 Christmas Advert.


Who is The Cat Walk?

My name is Lorraine, I have been involved with cats all of my life from a very young age,  both as companions and twenty years as a Breeder and  Exhibitor at cat shows. My pedigree cats are not allowed free roaming. I required something to enable me to take them outside for exercise and to be safe.  In the past I have used various types of harness  and found them all to be inadequate in some way. Usually the "D" ring that the lead is secured to is incorrectly placed putting too much pressure on the throat when the lead is tense.  Other failings have  been they are not strong enough, or they are too large  and wide and very uncomfortable for the cats to wear due to the tension being too widely distributed.  The fittings are  inadequate having just plastic clips or slip buckles to which cats can snap or indeed escape out of. The other type which seems to be like a small vest, served no  comfort with my cats and did nothing but create tension and tightness on a wider area of their body, mostly under the armpits and  really are designed on the  the ferret harness. I  decided to make my own ten years ago, specifically to fit my cats properly and comfortably. I then  started to make them for other people, donating a percentage of the proceeds to the Norwegian Forest Cat Rescue and Welfare Society.

Owning Norwegian Forest cats inspired my interest in Nordic culture, specifically Mythology and the Viking era. With this in mind, and always since a young child, I admired the Runic symbols, I can now read the runes in their written context. With the Viking seasons on the History channel being very popular together with my chosen breed being known as the pets of the Vikings, I seemed fitting I should obtain a Rune stamp set and make personalised leads  with Runic inscriptions, names of the cat or cattery - the Norse Gods and Goddesses or any other personal idea people would like. This has further inspired me to make other leather goods for the cats and their slaves as well.  I also use leather burning known as Pyrography and metal foiling. Soon to do Gold leafing. These items will be added to the shop over time as a when I have designed them so always check back if you are interested :-).

I offer a full personal customer service, as that is what I prefer. Good customer care is important to me to receive as well and to provide.  The Harness and leads are guaranteed for 5 years with the correct purpose of its use.

Repairs and replacement parts are also available on request.


Harness and lead types.

We occasionally have  different coloured  leathers that we offer from time to time, however our premium leather goods are always available.

We sell just the Harness for use with a flexi lead for a little more freedom - good for large gardens.

Standard Harness and Lead sets comprise of  a Harness and a standard lead.

We sell Leads separately and are the standard minimum length of 30 inches plus (usually at least 36) - it depends on the length of the hides we use at any given time.

Short handling leads are for close handling at the Vets or at Shows  or anywhere else you need some extra control.

Extended adjustable leads are at least twice the length of a standard lead with a ring in the centre that you can clip up and use as a shorter (standard length) lead. 


Leather in general.

It is important to note especially with the vegetable tanned kip leather by the nature of being veg tanned, colours can vary from a cream to a light tan. This leather and its treatment is completely natural and as such is not lacquered in anyway or treated with a polish finish. It will therefore stain if it comes into contact with materials that have a dying effect - wine, beetroot and such like or grease and oils.  This leather is the best leather we like to use due to its strength,  it is beautifully soft, pliable and completely natural.

Leather as a natural product will always display some imperfections by the nature of it being animal skin and this is what makes leather more attractive. There may be the odd blemish here and there  or a small thin area in places due to insect bites, scratches  or scars on the skin - however we never use leather with holes or tears or any weakness that will compromise the strength.

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